Linen update

I’ve completed three parts of this first motif!

Just posting a quick update pic.

I’m using just one of the 18×27 inch 32 count belfast linen packs and the Artiste threads.

I’m not sure I’d recommend these over DMC, they’re just… not as nice. Tbey seem to twist a lot more and fray easier, even using beeswax, which does help a bit. The pack was on sale for 30% off and I liked the softer colors. It’s good enough for learning and practicing on linen though. I don’t regret the purchase, but not sure I’ll buy more.

Grime guards and extras!

Thought I’d show these off. I ordered them about a week ago for my frame. I was kind of worried about the fabric getting wear feom me touching it more than it getting too dirty. I love the print on these.

There’s a little extra there, you can see my HAED I’m working on. I put it aside until I got the grime guards though so I might start up again and do some work on it even though I’m enjoying working on the linen project.

I didn’t order this but it was thrown in the package as a nice little surprise.

I usually go for larger needle minders but really like this one, I’ll definitely be using it while working on my projects.

I’ve done a little more on my linen practice but am going to wait another day or so before uploading a progress pic.

Learning Linen!

I bought some more stuff today… yeah. I’ll save some of it to show another day. Today I have a new start!

I decided I wanted to learn how to stitch on linen. So picked these up.

They’re plain but will be nice to learn on.

Also grabbed this book. It’s got a ton of smaller pieces that I’m going to use to teach and practice with.


So the petal part of the flower caused some issues but after frogging a few times I finally got it. It’s not hard but I have to think a lot harder than when i stitch 1 over 1, but I’m getting there. I’m hoping to eventually just fill this linen piece with tons of little items.

And a little extra…

Its 32 count linen from Black Cauldron Dyeworks called In A Galaxy Far Far Away. No clue what I’m going to use it for but it’s beautiful and I had to grab it!