Linen update

I’ve completed three parts of this first motif!

Just posting a quick update pic.

I’m using just one of the 18×27 inch 32 count belfast linen packs and the Artiste threads.

I’m not sure I’d recommend these over DMC, they’re just… not as nice. Tbey seem to twist a lot more and fray easier, even using beeswax, which does help a bit. The pack was on sale for 30% off and I liked the softer colors. It’s good enough for learning and practicing on linen though. I don’t regret the purchase, but not sure I’ll buy more.

Beeswax on threads?

Not a huge post today but did want to share a quick pic.

I know a lot of people wonder about using thread conditioners while stitching. I started using beeswax a while back and really like it. It helps a lot to keep the threads from getting fuzy while working and can help ones that have a little frizz before you even stop.

This is a thread that has a bit of frizz on it toward the end.

This is the same thread after one pass over the beeswax.

It definitely does make a difference. A little goes a long ways so it is a fairly cheap investment. It doesn’t change the look of the thread and won’t mess with the colors over time.

Hope this helps anyone considering it or wondering what it actually does!

Grime guards and extras!

Thought I’d show these off. I ordered them about a week ago for my frame. I was kind of worried about the fabric getting wear feom me touching it more than it getting too dirty. I love the print on these.

There’s a little extra there, you can see my HAED I’m working on. I put it aside until I got the grime guards though so I might start up again and do some work on it even though I’m enjoying working on the linen project.

I didn’t order this but it was thrown in the package as a nice little surprise.

I usually go for larger needle minders but really like this one, I’ll definitely be using it while working on my projects.

I’ve done a little more on my linen practice but am going to wait another day or so before uploading a progress pic.

Learning Linen!

I bought some more stuff today… yeah. I’ll save some of it to show another day. Today I have a new start!

I decided I wanted to learn how to stitch on linen. So picked these up.

They’re plain but will be nice to learn on.

Also grabbed this book. It’s got a ton of smaller pieces that I’m going to use to teach and practice with.


So the petal part of the flower caused some issues but after frogging a few times I finally got it. It’s not hard but I have to think a lot harder than when i stitch 1 over 1, but I’m getting there. I’m hoping to eventually just fill this linen piece with tons of little items.

And a little extra…

Its 32 count linen from Black Cauldron Dyeworks called In A Galaxy Far Far Away. No clue what I’m going to use it for but it’s beautiful and I had to grab it!

Shop With Me 3-14-19

I know I just had one but I had to go back! Buckle in, this one is a lot longer.

First, to get it out of the way up front, I gave in.

I had to have it.

I also grabbed these two. They’re both really appealing because I feel like I could do either with one color and these will be my easier side projects. I think I’ll start with The Burgundy Sampler first, it’s small and I think I’m going to do it to learn over two stitching on linen. Maybe with the piece from yesterday? Not sure, I love it and may want to save that until I’m a bit more experienced.

I grabbed some silk floss. I love the purples and really want to use it on one of these projects where I just use one color, but again, I really love this and might save it until I’m a little more experiences. In total I got 7 of these.

I grabbed a half yard of this brown which I really liked. I really want to do an Ink Circles pattern with brown fabric and turquoise floss, so maybe use this?

I also grabbed this, it’s a little fabric bundle with 4 fabrics in them. It was only $5 and all the fabrics felt better than aida, so I wanted these for smaller one off projects.

First it had a light grey-blue color. Not my favorite but I can definitely find something to do with it.

It also has this darker blue which I really like, but am not sure what kind of pattern or color I want to use on it.

This one is kind of hard to see but its a really pretty creamy color. I will definitely use it but want to find some colors to really pop on it.

Aside from the ivory this is my favorite one. Its a really rich brown color with a bit of a red tint to it. I didn’t buy any but I held some DMC 955 to it and it was gorgeous. That’s probably the color of floss I want used on it. Need to pick a pattern though.

I went to Get Stitchin’ again and loved it just like yesterday.

Tulsa does have some other stores but the hours most are open are kind of hard to work around with a weekday daytime job. Many close at 5-6 and all of them are closed on Sundays.

I did try to swing by A Silver Needle yesterday, which from what I’ve read is kind of a destination cross stitch store, but it randomly had a please come back later sign even though they were suppose to be open so I wasn’t able to check it out. I do hope to visit a couple of the other stores, it will just take some planning. Some of the next Shop With Mes might end up being digital shops though, so just a heads up there.

Shop With Me!

Decided to check out a little local shop. Called Get Stitchin’.

They are mainly a yarn shop for crochet and knitting. Lots of amazing yarns and tools. Saw some really nice crochet needles and even a line counter ring. *forgot to take pics*

But I was there mainly to see cross stitch stuff. They had quite a few patterns.

I saw these two that I really loved but ended up not buying, I may head back when I have more time to go through stuff. They were beautiful patterns but weren’t what I was really looking for.

I ended up not buying any patterns but did pick up a really pretty half yard length of osnaburg fabric.

I really love the natural look of this fabric. I was originally wanting to find a nice chocolate colored fabric but ended up not liking the two they had there. One was almost kind of a reddish and the other was really stiff, like aida, and just wasn’t something I wanted to stitch on.

I hope to go back soon and hopefully buy more stuff when I have more time to hang out and really go through all the patterns they have available.

Hearthside Craftworks floorstand!

Super excited, I’ve been using a lapstand for a year or so but had been wanting to upgrade.

My lapstand, which I love, was from Hearthside so when I decided to upgrade I contacted them again.

I did ask for a few changes. First I asked for a longer cross bar because the standard size was too small for the rods I already have. My rods are 40″ and the ones that normally come with the stand are 30″. Second I asked to swap out the pattern holder and get a second acessory tray, which they did at no charge. I did also add an attachment so I can use a lamp with a clamp.

I was worried it wouldn’t be tall enough but it is easily adjustable and I have it on the lower end of the middle setting. It has wheels which makes it easy to roll around, even on carpet, but it’s surprisingly light, so I actually just pick it up and move it most of the time. It is really sturdy even though it is very light. It has withstood multiple hits and bumps from my dogs.

It was super easy to put together, the instructions weren’t even necessary. The only thing I’ve found is the acorn nuts *I think that’s what they’re called* can become loose and need tightening every once in a while, but that could be because of how I move it.

It has the flip frame part so getting to the back of your work is easy and doesn’t require adjusting or removing anything.

I definitely recommend Hearthside Craftworks. They are in Canada so that does need to be taken into consideration, but because of how our money converts they are really fair prices for how high the quality is.

You can see them here:

Hearthside Craftworks

*I purchased the stand myself at full price. I was not given anything to write about it. I just like it and wanted to talk about it!*