Shop With Me 5-21-2019 and Update

It’s been a bit longer than I planned but it’s been super busy here. But that’s ok! I got a package in the mail today I wanted to share so today is the perfect day to post.

First something small.

I saw Caroline on Off the Grid Needle Arts had one and thought it was cool but decided I would be fine just eyeballing things… I was not lol. Thankfully my Burgundy Sampler fits and it isn’t negatively affected. But one side has a lot more empty space than the other. My future projects are a lot bigger with less wiggle room. This was cheap so I decided to invest in one.

When I ordered it they sent an email saying to be careful when opening. I kind of laughed it off because, I mean, it’s a ruler. It got here and I cut the package open and it came with a free pattern that I cut into. It’s still useable but.. anyone else be careful and don’t make my mistake!

So now the big purchase…

I had actually been eyeballing the sea glass color way but loved the colors in this so much. I love how this pattern came. It’s a booklet on nice thick paper. The symbols are HUGE. Ok, maybe not huge, but significtantly bigger than my other charts. It’s an easy pattern but I love how it looks. If I love it as much when it’s done I might get some of the other colors.

And I talk like it was expensive but the chart was only about $7 and I bought the floss pack with 19 skeins, so it’s not like it broke the bank. I did pass on getting the fabric it suggested as it was 14 aida and I’m just not a fan. It’s full coverage so I’ll probably use one of those packs of 32 count belfast linen I have.

Finally, the Burgundy Sampler update.

I’m super close to finishing the page I’m on. I just have half of a larger motif that you can see I’ve started on bottom right. Then there is a smaller thin and tall one next to it. I am hoping to get the parts of them on this page finished by this weekend so I can dedicate my 3 day to woeking on the second page.

I love this pattern but I am super excited to start some of my other stuff and I need my scroll rods lol.

I’ll probably try to post Thursday or Friday to show how much work I’ve done so I can have a comparison with what I do over the weekend.