Shop With Me 5-21-2019 and Update

It’s been a bit longer than I planned but it’s been super busy here. But that’s ok! I got a package in the mail today I wanted to share so today is the perfect day to post.

First something small.

I saw Caroline on Off the Grid Needle Arts had one and thought it was cool but decided I would be fine just eyeballing things… I was not lol. Thankfully my Burgundy Sampler fits and it isn’t negatively affected. But one side has a lot more empty space than the other. My future projects are a lot bigger with less wiggle room. This was cheap so I decided to invest in one.

When I ordered it they sent an email saying to be careful when opening. I kind of laughed it off because, I mean, it’s a ruler. It got here and I cut the package open and it came with a free pattern that I cut into. It’s still useable but.. anyone else be careful and don’t make my mistake!

So now the big purchase…

I had actually been eyeballing the sea glass color way but loved the colors in this so much. I love how this pattern came. It’s a booklet on nice thick paper. The symbols are HUGE. Ok, maybe not huge, but significtantly bigger than my other charts. It’s an easy pattern but I love how it looks. If I love it as much when it’s done I might get some of the other colors.

And I talk like it was expensive but the chart was only about $7 and I bought the floss pack with 19 skeins, so it’s not like it broke the bank. I did pass on getting the fabric it suggested as it was 14 aida and I’m just not a fan. It’s full coverage so I’ll probably use one of those packs of 32 count belfast linen I have.

Finally, the Burgundy Sampler update.

I’m super close to finishing the page I’m on. I just have half of a larger motif that you can see I’ve started on bottom right. Then there is a smaller thin and tall one next to it. I am hoping to get the parts of them on this page finished by this weekend so I can dedicate my 3 day to woeking on the second page.

I love this pattern but I am super excited to start some of my other stuff and I need my scroll rods lol.

I’ll probably try to post Thursday or Friday to show how much work I’ve done so I can have a comparison with what I do over the weekend.

New Stuff and Update!

Thought I would start off with something different today. I took a baby blanket I’ve been working on for years to work to finally make some progress. It’s just a basic double stitch in a basketweave.

Not cross stitch, obviously, but a fun little extra!

So on to new stuff. I actually held off to post until I got this!

Crystal Cyprium from Picture This Plus! It’s beautiful and I love the sparkles in it!

But, and there’s always a but lol, it’s a lot lighter than I expected. This was meant to go with my Dragons of Sumatra, here’s a reminder if you forgot.

I wanted a deep chocolate brown and that turquoise floss so it would really pop. This color wasn’t chocolate brown but I liked how it looked on screen.

This is significantly lighter. Even with good light the picture makes it a LOT darker. I may end up using it for the companion piece because I feel like it would go good with the green I want to use. I’m going to use it, on what is up in the air lol. The pic actually has the flosses on it with me trying to see if any popped like I wanted it to.

So finally an update on my Burgundy Sampler.

Notice a difference? I had to frog the first one! I miscounted and placed it wrong. Ugh. It happens.

Got this piece done as well with a lot less drama.

And I unrolled, but left on the rods so it’s kind of awkward, and the lighting isn’t the greatest, but here’s the full pic of what I’ve completed.

I’m so close to finishing the first page!

I’ve got a super busy couple weekends coming up so I’m not sure how much work I can do on it, but I do hope to get some stuff done on Sundays and definitely my 3 day weekend at the end of this month. I love this project but am super excited to start some of the others too lol.

Burgundy Sampler Update

So no shopping updates, I do still have some fabric on order with Picture This Plus but it hasn’t shipped yet.

Let’s get right into it. First the cew smaller areas:

I really love the heart and I love how the colors all look with these.

Here’s the big piece! Super excited about it. I think it’s one of the biggest pieces, if not the biggest, on this chart.

It took FOREVER but really proud. It really shows off all the colors in this floss.

I’m getting super close to finishing the page.

Almost to tbe point that I’ll be rolling it up more too!

Can’t wait to see this one finished 🙂

Shop With Me 4-8-2019 and Burgundy Sampler Update!

Got a lot of packages today! Last week was pretty stressful at work so I didn’t get to post like I wanted. I did get a lot done on my WIP this weekend.

Still really love how it is coming along. There’s a huge piece in the middle so I’ll probably be rolling the fabric up a little which is exciting!

Some cool things recieved today!

I liked some of the patterns on the pillows so grabbed this from a destash group. I like history in the book. Definitely a good buy.

Just one pattern this SWM. It is technically a set of six though! I’m not sure what colors I want to do, it basically just looked like a nice little addition to my Ink Circles collection. Being honest though, no plans with this.

These were stitch counters posted to a destash group. I included the lady’s business card in case anyone is interested. They were pretty cheap and had a ton of color choices.

Now most exciting purchase. First, came with some more side tensioners. So… maybe didn’t need that other set lol. But backups are always nice.

And for the big purchase! Purple Julian!!

It has joined my Julian family, I absolutely love these!

I do have a few patterns and some fabric I’ve grabbed from a destash group but no bigger purchases coming up. I do hope to get a lot more done on my sampler, so the next post may just be an update, but we’ll see!

Shop With Me 4-2-2019 and Update!

Lots for this week… you’ve been warned lol.

First, a quick update on The Burgundy Sampler.

I love how it looks. I can’t wait to see more of it appear as I work on it.

Also kind of a sad little update. You remember the silk floss I got and LOVED?

Fiberlicious stated that it’s their silk filament that’s not sold any more. I’m going to have to hoard these for something special.

Now moving on to the new stuff!

I saw this pattern on Just Add Needles Facebook page and had to order it. It’s my first non English pattern but it’s easy enough to tell what it says when it comes to size and basic info. I already have an idea of the colors I’m going to use for it. Most likely I’ll probably go with cream and red, kind of a reverse of the pic.

Next up just a couple of fabrics I grabbed from a destash group. Not sure what I’ll use them for but I loves the colors.

I also grabbed this from the destash group. I love how simple it is and the colors used. I’ll probably try to make it as close to the picture. It is for a pin pillow but I might just stitch it for the design and instead of sewing fabric to the middle, I’ll just stitch a blue rectangle there instead.

Now my favorite things… that’s not fair, I love that pattern. But my other favorite things lol.

First I got this turquoise silk floss. I’ll be using it for one of my Ink Circles patterns. This was bought with a specific pattern in mind.

Now this was picked because I love it. It was limited edition and so I bought the last 10. Not sure what I’ll be using it on but it will be a special pattern.

Fell in love with this color and stocked up as well. No specific project in mind for this either, but I’ve got my eye out looking for something. I do have fabric I think would look good with it though, so this one is kind of just needing the right pattern.

Silk and Linen!

Bit of an update and mini rant. No idea why I haven’t tried this before! Well no, that’s a lie. Linen kind of freaked me out. I decided to bite the bullet and just figure it out. This is my current project.

I’m doing this pattern and loving it. Sadly, the woman who made it passed 😦 I had looked her up hoping to follow and get more like it.

I’m using this Silk N Colors, which I got from Get Stitchin’ and the darker of my Belfast fabrics. I actually ran by Get Stitchin’ again today to grab the last two skeins of this color, just to be safe.

I love it. The silk goes through the fabric so smoothly it is really enjoyable to work on. The only kind of issue is the floss is tied to the cards and it causes some pretty hardcore kinks at one end. You don’t see it when it has been stitched but it is a bit of annoyance.

I’m hoping to get a lot more done this weekend!