Burgundy Sampler Update

So no shopping updates, I do still have some fabric on order with Picture This Plus but it hasn’t shipped yet.

Let’s get right into it. First the cew smaller areas:

I really love the heart and I love how the colors all look with these.

Here’s the big piece! Super excited about it. I think it’s one of the biggest pieces, if not the biggest, on this chart.

It took FOREVER but really proud. It really shows off all the colors in this floss.

I’m getting super close to finishing the page.

Almost to tbe point that I’ll be rolling it up more too!

Can’t wait to see this one finished 🙂

Weekend Update Burgundy Sampler

It’s a little dark because it’s late and the lighting is bad, but quick update. I’ve got a lot of it done. That third section, the upside down heart looking thing on the right kicked my butt though. I spaced it too far out the first time and had to rip it all out and redo. I hope to get more done tomorrow but I worked on it so much today I’m not sure how much I’ll do then.

Grime guards and extras!

Thought I’d show these off. I ordered them about a week ago for my frame. I was kind of worried about the fabric getting wear feom me touching it more than it getting too dirty. I love the print on these.

There’s a little extra there, you can see my HAED I’m working on. I put it aside until I got the grime guards though so I might start up again and do some work on it even though I’m enjoying working on the linen project.

I didn’t order this but it was thrown in the package as a nice little surprise.

I usually go for larger needle minders but really like this one, I’ll definitely be using it while working on my projects.

I’ve done a little more on my linen practice but am going to wait another day or so before uploading a progress pic.