Shop With Me 4-8-2019 and Burgundy Sampler Update!

Got a lot of packages today! Last week was pretty stressful at work so I didn’t get to post like I wanted. I did get a lot done on my WIP this weekend.

Still really love how it is coming along. There’s a huge piece in the middle so I’ll probably be rolling the fabric up a little which is exciting!

Some cool things recieved today!

I liked some of the patterns on the pillows so grabbed this from a destash group. I like history in the book. Definitely a good buy.

Just one pattern this SWM. It is technically a set of six though! I’m not sure what colors I want to do, it basically just looked like a nice little addition to my Ink Circles collection. Being honest though, no plans with this.

These were stitch counters posted to a destash group. I included the lady’s business card in case anyone is interested. They were pretty cheap and had a ton of color choices.

Now most exciting purchase. First, came with some more side tensioners. So… maybe didn’t need that other set lol. But backups are always nice.

And for the big purchase! Purple Julian!!

It has joined my Julian family, I absolutely love these!

I do have a few patterns and some fabric I’ve grabbed from a destash group but no bigger purchases coming up. I do hope to get a lot more done on my sampler, so the next post may just be an update, but we’ll see!

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