Silk and Linen!

Bit of an update and mini rant. No idea why I haven’t tried this before! Well no, that’s a lie. Linen kind of freaked me out. I decided to bite the bullet and just figure it out. This is my current project.

I’m doing this pattern and loving it. Sadly, the woman who made it passed 😦 I had looked her up hoping to follow and get more like it.

I’m using this Silk N Colors, which I got from Get Stitchin’ and the darker of my Belfast fabrics. I actually ran by Get Stitchin’ again today to grab the last two skeins of this color, just to be safe.

I love it. The silk goes through the fabric so smoothly it is really enjoyable to work on. The only kind of issue is the floss is tied to the cards and it causes some pretty hardcore kinks at one end. You don’t see it when it has been stitched but it is a bit of annoyance.

I’m hoping to get a lot more done this weekend!

3 thoughts on “Silk and Linen!”

  1. This is going to be just gorgeous. Those colors! I always wanted to try linen, but my eyesight has moved beyond that being possible. Would loop starting help with the kink in the floss, or is the bend in the wrong spot? (I didn’t see if you’re working with one strand or not, which is of course its own answer if you are.)

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    1. Thank you so much! This is my first on linen project and was worried about how it would turn out.

      I am using 2 strands but because the color is veregated I need to separate 2 strands and then put them together and stitch. Isn’t a loop start where I would fold it in half? The ends are different colors because of how it is dyed


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