Shop With Me!

Decided to check out a little local shop. Called Get Stitchin’.

They are mainly a yarn shop for crochet and knitting. Lots of amazing yarns and tools. Saw some really nice crochet needles and even a line counter ring. *forgot to take pics*

But I was there mainly to see cross stitch stuff. They had quite a few patterns.

I saw these two that I really loved but ended up not buying, I may head back when I have more time to go through stuff. They were beautiful patterns but weren’t what I was really looking for.

I ended up not buying any patterns but did pick up a really pretty half yard length of osnaburg fabric.

I really love the natural look of this fabric. I was originally wanting to find a nice chocolate colored fabric but ended up not liking the two they had there. One was almost kind of a reddish and the other was really stiff, like aida, and just wasn’t something I wanted to stitch on.

I hope to go back soon and hopefully buy more stuff when I have more time to hang out and really go through all the patterns they have available.

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